Why do tradies need a bookkeeper?

I call a plumber when my toilet is broken, a chippy when I want my deck fixed. I don’t want bits and pieces left over from the job half done I call an expert. That’s why when it comes to bookkeeping you need a bookkeeper. A good bookkeeper can help you with your invoicing, keep your records tidy and compliant and make sure that you lodge everything on time. They can help you with your budgeting so your business can grow and you can concentrate on what you do best, what you’re qualified to do. When end of year comes around all the hard work is done and records are in order ready to go to the accountant. Think about it, how much time does it take you to do your books yourself, how much could you earn in that time, verses the cost of having a bookkeeper. It’s a no brainer, the bookkeeper is the obvious answer.